Draft programme

Please note: this is a draft programme – schedule and timings may change 

Friday 5th May 

10.45-11.15 – Welcome

11.15-1.00 – Panel 1

Jane Frances Dunlop       Weaving a collapsed network: feminist approaches to sound in hurl outward at a certain pace

Natalie Hyacinth       …+Beat+…InterruPteD

Patricia Alessandrini    Parlour Sounds: a case study in enacting feminist-informed paradigms of sonic arts practice

1.00-1.45 – Lunch

1.45-3.45 – Standpoint papers

Mariana Bahia    Mobile Voice Recordings as a Way for Re-Appropriation and Re-Signification of Space 

Jo Norcup
   Geography Workshop: radio production and the series Er Outdoors

Laura Gracia    Sound – Body – Gender

Marlo De Lara   Solidarity with Sonic Sisters: Tales of Acrimony in Resistance

Natasha Lall   Tired Brown Girls in the Club

Tina Krekels   Performance Reading

3.45-4.15 – Coffee break 

4.15-5.15 – Keynote

Frances Morgan  Cyberfeminist Traces in the Histories of Electronic Music and Sound

5.15-5.30 Closing discussion


6.45-9.30 ESP#3: Sonic Cyberfeminisms

Anuka Ramischwili-Schaefer       lap(se)

Ingrid Lee                                 Two Lectures on Loss, Noise, and Xenogenesis

Amble Skuse                                    Balancing Act

OFFAL                                                OFFAL Command Line

Robin Buckley                                  Queer Plastic

Laura Gracia                                    Solarizer

Louise Lawlor (installation)          Tentacular Voice


Saturday 6th May

9.30-9.45 – Welcome

9.45-10.45 Workshops

Marlo de Lara Sounding Personal Narratives

Rebecca Lee The Technology of Listening

Stine Kloster Where does the Body End? 

10.50 -12.30 –  Panel 2

Shanti Suki Osman   Voicing up

Maria Murphy   Laurie Anderson, Her Clone, and Sonic Technologies of Reproduction

Cathy Lane    Women as Animal, Women as Alien: Reclaiming Women’s Demonic Voices     

 12.30-1.15 Lunch  

1.15- 2.45 – Panel 3

Paul Rekret  Production, Reproduction and the Contemporary Popular Musical Imaginary 

Miranda Iossifidis    Precarious labour and audiovisual work

Asha Tamirisa    Integrated Circuits: Negotiating Cultural Production in Electronic Sound with Histories of Racialized Labor in Electronics Manufacturing

2.45-3.15 – Coffee break 

3.15 – 4.45 – Panel 4

Maren Haffke  “Datastreams” and Singing Sirens – The Feminine and the Analogue in German Materialist Media Theory

Adam Harper  Elysia Crampton: Geologies of Identity, Geologies of Sound

Mollie Zhang  Sonic Fictions and Feminisms: Mobilizing Worlding in Contemporary Electronic Music

4.45-5.30 closing discussion