Reading group: decolonizing sonic cyberfeminisms

The reading group focuses on the issue of decolonizing sonic cyberfeminisms. It raises questions about the Eurocentric conceptualisations of technology, sound and gender implicit in much recent activism around these themes.

The reading group is taking place from 4th November to 2nd December 2016 with a short reading or readings for each week. Discussions take place via email.

Readings include:
Alexander Weheliye, ‘I am, I be: The subject of Sonic Afro-Modernity’
Ursula Le Guin, ‘A Rant about Technology’
Michelle Wright, ‘Racism, Technology and the Limits of Western Knowledge’
Louis Chude-Sokei, ‘Prognostigating echoes: race, sound and naturalizing technology’
Tara Rodgers, ‘Cultivating activist lives in sound’
Sharmi Basu, ‘Decolonizing sound’

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